Dessert Bar

You don't have to have a traditional cake for your party or wedding, get a dessert bar!

Mini Dessert Pricing

Mini cheesecakes - $1.25 each (20+ flavors available)

Mini pound cakes- $1.00 each (30 flavors available)

 Cookies- $0.75 each (sugar, snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, oatmeal)

 Mini blondies - $0.75 each (regular, pecan, or cranberry)

 Mini brownies $0.75 each (regular, mint, cherry, pecan, m&m)

 Mini bite size pies- $0.85 each ( cherry, pecan, apple, etc.)

 Pies- cupcake size- $2.00 each

 Mini cupcakes $0.75 each (various flavors)

 Standard size cupcakes $1.50 and up

Mini Lemon or Key lime bars- $0.60

Dessert empanadas- $2.00 each (cherry, pecan, pumpkin, apple, dulce de leche)

Mini parfaits/trifle- $1.75 each (chocolate, banana cream, berry, etc.)

 **any dessert that includes nuts will have an extra charge**


Cheesecake flavors

 Strawberry                 Original             Blueberry
Raspberry                 Pina Colada         Key lime
Sweet Potato Pecan        Carrot Cake         Choc. Cherry Surprise
Vanilla Cherry Surprise    Oreo                Chocolate
Orange                Lemon            Pumpkin
Peppermint            Mint Chocolate        Apple Cinnamon
Mocha                Moscato (regular or pink)
Chocolate Wine          Red Velvet



Pound Cake Flavors       


Lemon      Butter      Butter Rum

Sweet Potato     Banana Cream    Irish Cream     Hazelnut

Peach Cobbler    Almond     Chocolate

Chocolate Chip     Pear      Orange    Pumpkin

Carrot Cake     Bacon-Maple-Brown-Sugar

Butter Pecan    Red Velvet  Caramel    Blueberry Wine

Strawberry Wine    Blanco Wine   Rojo Wine

White Pear Moscato     Apple Cinnamon

Coconut Cream    Amaretto     Pineapple

Pistachio    Rum Praline    Butterscotch


* Tax is not included in the above pricing, there is also an extra fee for domes, containers and trays that will hold your desserts. Delivery is extra*

Don't see your favorite dessert or flavor? Don't worry, we can probably still make it :)  Just ask!


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